Sebastian Klemm-Lorenz

Writer & Developer

Writing and developing formats is all about thorough research until I forget what day of the week it is, uncompromised editing and putting my cursor where it hurts. Plus about 20 minutes of silly brainstorming and hours of staring at a blank screen, with determination, frustration and Diet Coke.


Directing is about leading the exploration team of different departments down the caves of the story, that the writing mapped out, and unearthing the gems. Sometimes great friendships are forged in this process. Also it’s a perfect way to put myself in a mood for Spa-Weekends.

Actor & Singer

This has something to do with art and ego. But I could pretend that it’s about exploring humanity – because that’s how good of an actor I am! 😉

A selection of my work


Over the years I successfully created shows, wrote scripts and/or directed for the big screen, the small screen and the mobile screen. Allow me to introduce to you some of the partners that I worked with, to create quality fictional and non-fictional entertainment.